An automation global vision.

Who we are

AGFRA, we are a Spanish engineering company dedicated mainly to the development, design and manufacture of industrial automation for various sectors, as well as special tools, leacktesters, and control gauges.

Our engineering department is made up of a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers for the programming of PLCs, robotics, vision systems, etc….

We have 2500m2 of facilities where we house the departments of engineering, metrology, CAD-CAM-CNC machining, prototyping of mechano-welded parts and own cutting / welding, resources which allow us to offer a comprehensive engineering service.


Small Entrepreneurial Company Award

An award received in December from the Valencia Metallurgical Federation (Federación Metalúrgica Valenciana, Femeval) for our emblematic project, the White Light Inspection Project

Research-Based Company Award

In 2011 the Ideas Institute Awards, sponsored by Fundación Bancaja and the Universitat Politècnica de València, awarded Agfra the Research-Based Company emblem

Our history

  • 1968
    Humble beginnings

    Agfra was founded in 1968 as a response to the demands of the beginning of the industrialisation taking place in the Valencia region in the traditional industrial sectors. The company prospered manufacturing spare parts, machined items or assemblies for submersible pumps, among other lines of business

  • 1970-1979
    First range of winders

    Agfra launched its first range of winders in order to meet the requirements of those customers devoted to stamping and cutting for which machined parts are usually manufactured. Thanks to its success, its line of winders consolidated its position, becoming from this moment on a benchmark product on the Valencian market

  • 1980-1989
    Mechanical culture and know-how

    The company began to work with firms such as Renfe, Macosa and Empresa Nacional Elcano (currently Astilleros Españoles). Agfra became further consolidated, with its flexibility enabling it to carry out mechanical constructions of all types and complexity. In this way it acquired a mechanical culture and know-how that set it apart from its competitors

  • 1991-1999
    New lines

    Agfra developed lines for sheet metal and rod feeding: feeders, straighteners and planers, covering the entire press feeding process. Thanks to a constant technological adaptability, numerical control (CNC) was implemented in the company’s lines, as well as advances that improved performance and production

  • 2000-2009

    The company diversified at this stage and embraced the tools sector as an additional line of business, creating all kinds of designs and constructions for a wide variety of sectors, particularly the automotive industry. All this experience made it possible for Agfra to advise its customers on the best choice of the machinery they required

  • 2010-the present day

    In this stage, Agfra is increasing its means of production, incorporating and promoting the latest manufacturing technologies. Together with this line of work, the company has a clear and firm commitment to the growth of its professional team, increasing its staff of highly qualified professionals every year


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