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La experiencia en diversas tecnologías y campos de la ingeniería que desarrollamos a lo largo de los años para una amplia gama de sectores de aplicación nos permite enfrentar la mayor variedad de desafíos de automatización.


Exhaust systems

Welding tools

We design manual and robotic welding tools, considering at all times the need to optimise manufacturing, eliminate down times, increase productivity and ensure the safety of the operator.

Control tools

We design, manufacture and draft reports on dimensional control templates. We have the most advanced systems of measurement to ensure the precision required by metrology departments.

Leakproofness tools

Complete leakproofness stations combining different processes in the same tool. We collaborate with the leading suppliers of leak-proofing systems and micro-leak testers.

Pipe-shaping machines

Manual and automatic deburring machines (DBR100 and DBR500), gauges and flaring tools, internal feeding machines , and special cells for pressing catalytic converters.

Special applications for exhaust system plants

We have more than 25 years’ experience in designing applications for exhaust system manufacturers. We have made a host of enhancements, integrations and quality control systems designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve ergonomics and safety.

Elements for pipe bending

We develop and produce all the elements required for bending pipes for any sector of the industry.

Exhaust systems
Plastics components

Plastics components

Automatic stamping machines

Automatic hydraulic, servo-operated or pneumatic machines capable of stamping and combining different assembly and checking processes in the same station, in the pursuit of reliable, safe, and productive processes.

Manual stamping machines

With our own manual stamping system we succeed in improving the reliability of this task, reducing the stamping time and matching the final quality to that of an element stamped automatically.

Component assembling machines

Processes ranging from clipping, sticking, riveting and/or bolting to a thorough electronic check using sensors and/or artificial vision.

Dimensional control gauges

Design, manufacture and reports for dimensional control gauges. We have the most advanced systems of measurement to ensure the precision required by metrology departments.

Upgrading machinery to adapt it to new models

Using digitalising technologies we rebuild and adapt equipment for new models, reducing the costs of acquiring new machinery and ensuring its operation.

Welding and/or stamping using ultrasound

Agfra designs and builds machinery and tools integrating ultrasonic technology. The projects for plastic components, have involved welding materials, as well as stamping with different geometries.

In an attempt to reduce the cycle time for the various operations, we integrate additional processes into the same machine, striving constantly for reduced space in the plant, reliability of equipment and adaptation to multiple references within the same equipment, in line with the customer’s specifications.

We also have a test laboratory (traction, stamping, welding, etc.) that can support the design and R&D department in conceiving the part in an optative way, thereby ensuring the quality of the finishing and the feasibility of the process to carried out.

Welding and/or stamping using ultrasound
Manufacturing parts in series

Manufacturing parts in series

Thanks to the current range of machinery in Agfra we are able to produce series of components supplied to our customers by programmed Kanban deliveries. This enables a saving in costs, and above all ensures that products are made available to the project at the agreed time.

Agfra is a customer-focused service company. Hence the key lies in the agility in adapting to the components that each customer requires. Following these lines of action, the manufacture of series parts includes the production and development of components for bending pipes and components for wind turbines.

All of this with the most advanced technology and a constant commitment to research, development and innovation (R&D&i), and to the pursuit of excellence. Only thus can we at Agfra move forward with a better and more personalised customer service.

Metrology department

  • Measuring parts in terms of shape and position, machined parts, plastic parts, control devices, tools, stencils, gauges, dies, moulds, micro-machined elements, gears
  • Measurement in situ. Using our portable equipment we travel to your plant to perform measurements on devices fitted to the production line, large parts or those that are difficult to move
  • Reverse engineering, digitalisation, point cloud takeoff, generation of CAD data
  • First samples, dimensional reports of first samples, parts analysis and optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • FARO portable measuring system with six axes and Laser Scan Arm. A portable 3D measuring arm that allows precise measurements to be made directly in the production environment, as well as digitalisations of finished products or prototypes
  • PolyWorks complete measurement software that allows digitising with point cloud capture and generation of STL triangulation, for post-processing with our designer software, offering full reverse engineering
Metrology department

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