The ceremony of the XI Femeval Awards was chaired by the minister of Economy, Industry and Trade of Valencian Autonomy Goverment, Enrique Verdeguer; Femeval president, Vicente Lafuente; president of the Council of Chambers, José Vicente Morata; the president of Cepymev, Salvador Navarro; and Femeval general secretary, Alejandro Soliveres.

The award for the Small Business Entrepreneurship has been to Agfra. Dedicated to the engineering and supply of components for the automotive and renewable energy, this company is recognized for its flagship project Massanassa White Light Inspection Project, which involved the development of the first cell of 3D inspection online by white light structured. Also because, with just 15 employees, has managed to quadruple its turnover in the last five years and projects to develop major vendors such as Jaguar, Opel, Nissan and Ford.

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